Thursday, January 11, 2007

Type (Dis)equality

Type equality is the essential ingredient in guarded algebraic datatypes:

data Z ; data S n ;

data ListGADT a n where
    NilListGADT :: ListGADT a Zero
    ConsListGADT :: a -> ListGADT a n -> ListGADT a (S n)

data TypeEqual a b = . . .
data ListEq a n = NilListEq (TypeEqual n Z)
                | forall m . ConsListEq (TypeEqual n (S m)) a (ListEq a m)
What new power would type disequality bring? It might prevent infinite types.
data WrapList a = forall n . WrapList (ListGADT a n)

cons :: a -> WrapList a -> WrapList a
cons x (WrapList y) = WrapList (Cons x y)

ones = cons 1 ones
Here, the size type inside ones is S (S (S . . . . That's bad. What if we wrote:
data TypeDisEq a b where
    DisEqLess :: DisEq Z (S a)
    DisEqMore :: DisEq (S a) Z
    DisEqInduct :: DisEq a b -> DisEq (S a) (S b)

data ListGADTDisEq a n where
    NilListGADTDisEq :: ListGADTDisEq a Zero
    ConsListGADTDisEq :: a -> ListGADTDisEq a n -> (TypeDisEq n (S n)) -> ListGADTDisEq a (S n)
Now, since the size type inside a ListGADTDisEq can't be one more than itself, it's finite, and we might not be able to form ones. Sadly, that's not true:
data WrapListDisEq a = forall n . WrapListDisEq (ListGADTDisEq a n)

cons' :: a -> WrapListDisEq a -> WrapListDisEq a
cons' x (WrapListDisEq NilListGADTDisEq) = WrapListDisEq (ConsListGADTDisEq x Nil DisEqBase)
cons' x (WrapListDisEq p@(Cons q r s)) = WrapListDisEq (ConsListGADTDisEq x p (DisEqInduct s))

ones' = cons' 1 ones'

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