Saturday, June 30, 2007

Region, Effect and Closure Inference, Part 2

Part 1

Michael Stone was correct in his comments to part 1. Ben Lippmeier elaborated to me in an email:

In those slides,
(%) is the kind of regions.
(!) is the kind of effects.
($) is the kind of closures.

The symbol represents the kind, as well as the name space of the R/E/C variables.

I don't have a paper for this stuff at the moment, it's still under development - but the type system is based on some other work that has been around for a while:
The Type and Effect Discipline
Jean-Pierre Talpin, Pierre Jouvelot

Polymorphic Type, Region and Effect Inference
Jean-Pierre Talpin, Pierre Jouvelot

Polymorphic type inference and assignment
(For the closure typing)
Xavier Leroy

The type system is a merge of the ones described in the above two papers, but with some extra stuff added on to make it practical to use in a real compiler.

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